Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Left Behind Parents of a Child Abduction-Ronald Cornett and Susan Arendsee

In 1997 my partner's children, were abducted from their father's home in Kalispell, Montana along with everything he owned by their mother, A Psychopathic Obsessed Alienator,Child Abductor and Child Abuser and Donald Wayne Griffing, her enabler/accomplice/lover who then absconded with them to Donald's home in Guymon,Oklahoma where they have hidden the children from their father (Ronald Cornett), the Cornett family and myself ever since. 
This leaves Ron as the "Left Behind Parent" of a child abduction.
Eventually Jodi and Donald changed his children's identities by changing their last names from Cornett to Griffiing without their father Ron's permission or consent.  Thus performing a "Parentectomy"  in their attempt to have Ron erased from his children's lives.  Donald Griffing then stepped into Ron's role as their father and had Ron's name replaced with his own on their birth certificates while adopting them.  Ron never gave anyone permission to do this.  His children and his paternal rights as their father was literally stolen from him.  Shelby and Ronald now have two birth certificates registered with the Pierce County Courthouse (1-715-273-3531) in Washington State.  The original from the time of their birth with Ron noted as the biological father.  The second, with Donald's name as their adopted father.
Later Donald divorced Jodi and obtained primary custodial care of Ron's children.  Ron's son, Ronald is now in the legal primary custody of his abductor, not either of his biological parents.  Ron's daughter Shelby, is now 19 and legally an adult.  This is why even though they were abducted and have been reported as "missing"  to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children by Ron and Ron has an open case with caseworker's guiding him in reconnecting with Shelby and Ronald, they are not listed as "missing" on the NCMEC website.  Both of them are listed in the statistic's of children that have been abducted but, not yet recovered on the NCMEC website.  They are "two" of the 13,000 children that have not been recovered and reunited with their left behind parent.  They are still "missing" to their father Ron, who has not seen either of them since they were abducted 15 years ago. 
What would you do if these were your children that were stolen from you and your life, by their own mother and an accomplice-her lover?  What would you do if a stranger came into your home and stole your family and all of your possessions?    Think about it.  Does it sound preposterous?  Well, it is real and is what really happened to Ron and his children.  I call it "Legal Kidnapping"......another form of "Child Trafficking".  It shows you what you can do in the United States of America with enough money, an "ambulance chaser" attorney, like Christopher J. Liebman and a determined unscrupulous agenda.  You can literally "steal" or "buy" someone else's children....legally.  Then step into that "parents" role as the "father".  All a person needs is the opportunity, motivation, an unscrupulous agenda, an unscrupulous attorney and  the money available to do it. 

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