Donald Wayne Griffing-Thief, Child Abductor, Child Abuser and Narcisstic Enabler

These are pictures of Donald Wayne Griffing.  The man that came into Ron's home in Kalispell, Montana in 1997; stole all of Ron's belongings and abducted his two children Shelby and Ronald with their mother, Jodi Rae Ross Griffing. Then absconded with them to his home in Guymon, Oklahoma. He is the epitome of the euphemistic saying "Home Wrecker".  When "home wrecker" is used to describe a person, it is applied to someone who breaks up a pre-existing relationship by having an affair with one of its partners. It may be applied more often when the person actually intends to cause the break-up in order to replace the prior partner permanently.  Which is exactly what Donald did.  As Jodi's accomplice and enabler, he assisted in kidnapping them and taking them away from the security of their home and their father, Ron.  His home is where Jodi and Donald concealed Ron's children from him until they were married; then feigned abandonment, lack of child support and where they got custody of the two children while usurping Ron's role as their father.  Donald eventually adopted Shelby and Ronald, violating Ron's paternal rights as their biological father in the state of Oklahoma.  Ron had never been informed through the courts or otherwise that this was Donald's intention. Shelby and Ronald's adoption, besides their abduction, violated Ron's paternal rights and was done without Ron's permission or consent.  Eventually, after Donald divorced Jodi in 2006, he ended up with primary custodial care of Ron's two children.  The man that stole and absconded with them.  Ron's children have been brainwashed to believe that Donald kidnapped them to protect them from their father Ron, which couldn't be farther from the truth then what the real reason is.  Donald wanted someone else's children, so he took them.  Seems like another self serving narcissist to me.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder 

He has worked for the past 23 years at Stanfield's in Guymon, Oklahoma as the Assistant Service Manager.

Great example of what it is to be a man, a father, a grand father and a human being??   He is precisely why legislation for Parental Alienation-Pathogenic Parenting needs to come to pass and be enforced as a crime.  IMO it is a "Ultimate Hate Crime" and child abuse to do what he has done to Ron, his children and grand children.  These alienators need to be prosecuted for the crimes they have committed.  Here is a link to two blogs I've written on the topic:
Identity Theft.....It is Child Abuse
A Grand Child's Legacy...Stolen

Here is a link for a  Petition2Congress   that I signed and I wrote a letter to my state representatives and President Obama to Stop Parental Alienation as child abuse siting my personal experience as an example. 

Here is another Petitioning UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and 23 others to get the United Nations Recognize Parental Alienation As Violence And Abuse Against Children

                                               A video explaining what it is to be  the a Narcisstic Enabler

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