Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Christopher J. Liebman of Guymon, Oklahoma: The Attorney that Assisted Jodi and Donald in Abducting and Alienating Shelby and Ronald

This is what Jodi's attorney, Christopher J. Liebman did. It is obvious he did not care as to what was in the best interest of Shelby, Ronald or their father Ron. Read Ron's response to Texas County District Court in Guymon, Oklahoma.  To my understanding he didn't investigate nor did the state of Oklahoma on their behalf (Shelby or Ronald's) or advocate for them at all, in any way or capacity as minors as requested by their father, Ron.  Christopher never checked into Jodi's past history of mental illness with multiple institutionalizations, drug abuse, poor parenting and lifestyle choices.  He never checked into how her previous 2 children, from when she was a minor teenager, were taken away from her by Washington State or as to why she fled to Oklahoma.  It is possibly because Washington and Montana States were in the process of investigating her once again, this time as to her suitability and competence of  keeping custody of Shelby and Ronald.  He only represented Jodi; what her and Donald wanted. He assisted the least competent and "toxic" parent, Jodi, in abducting, absconding and alienating her children (I call it "Legal Kidnapping") and Donald, the stepfather to adopt them without Ron's permission or consent.  Ron was never notified of Donald's interest in adopting Shelby and Ronald.  Ron was never notified that their names were going to be changed (identity theft).  Ron was never notified that his name was going to be removed from their birth certificates(a Parentectomy). From my perspective, Christopher is just as much at fault and guilty in the abduction and alienation of Shelby and Ronald from their father Ron as Jodi and Donald because he only advocated for what they (Jodi/the toxic parent and Donald/accomplice) wanted.  This is a morally reprehensible thing for an attorney to do. It lacks integrity and character on his part.  However, this is how he, a low life attorney, chose to make his living.  Praying on the backs and vulnerability of others, by taking advantage and exploiting innocent minor children and their biological father to line his own pockets as an unscrupulous "ambulance chaser" attorney.

Here is a link to another court case where Christopher J. Liebman attempted to have another father's parental rights removed and once again the stepfather adopt the children.
He lost this case in the appeal.

However, Ron, never had a chance to appeal anything, because Ron was never notified that his parental rights were going to be taken away and that his children were going to be adopted by another man, the abductor and absconder without his permission or his consent.  

This is one of many links to his Law Office in Guymon, Oklahoma in case an interested party would care to write a review of him and his law practice.


  1. I had this man as a lawyer. He convinced me he had a deal with the DA to get my sentence reduced if I cooperated. He lied. He had no deal And when it came time to collect on the deal he quit as my lawyer and stopped taking calls from my family.

  2. Well, that is really sad to think that a man who is supposed to defend someone would actually do his job. He is a criminal for being a defense attorney. He is so evil for having his client's best interest in mind.

    How can you accuse him of being a child abductor when he was called to only defend the "abductor"? He doesn't need to care about the other side. Defense lawyers defend, and that's that.

  3. First of all he didn't "defend" the abductor. The "abductor" which he chose to represent was the "plaintiff" after she and her partner/lover abducted the children from their father's residence in Montana and brought them to the male abductor's home Oklahoma without their father's permission or consent. Secondly, IMO, Liebman was complicit in the children's abduction. For without him representing the plaintiff, it legally wouldn't have happened.