Identity is Child Abuse



That is what Jodi and Donald have done to Shelby and Ronald.

These children were stripped of their true identities. They've lost out on the love of their left-behind father, family and their roots.

What does this do to a child when the abductor not only takes them away from their home and the left behind parent, but then takes away their "true" identity too?
Inserting another man, his family and name in place of the real, biological father and extended family, is appalling. Ron never agreed to any of this. It was stolen from him and his children because of Jodi and Donald's overwhelming narcissistic needs. So self-centered the pair of them. So cruel. So harsh. They didn't want to murder the children or Ron (or did they?) They definitely wanted to murder any relationship or love between them and their father, Ron. Isn't that emotional abuse? Isn't that child abuse? Isn't that a "hate crime"? Then after all of this was done. Donald divorced Jodi and got primary custodial care of Shelby and Ronald. Was that his hidden agenda all along?? So now Jodi and Ron's two children are not in the primary custody of either of their "true-biological" parents. What a clusterf....k. What a mess was created for these children by their own mother. Such incompetence. So, now that is four children she brought into this world that she lost custody of.  In your own sick mind, Jodi, you thought you were the better parent of the two of you...between You and Ron??  Well, in my opinion, and not so humble at this point in time, you weren't and you aren't because of the abuse you have inflicted upon your own family and children you profess to love.  What a sick and twisted form of love.  Most parental abductors are the least mentally stable and competent of the two parents which I have come to concur.  Jodi has been institutionalized twice by her family because of her own mental health issues.  Here is a link on information about the different kinds alienating parents. 

  Wait, there's more. Jodi's claims we're criminals, stalkers, predator's, pedophiles, extortionists and murderers...implying that she doesn't know who we are and that Ron is not the father of her children.   Wait a minute...isn't that ....a delusion??  It is hard not to LOL!!  Wasn't Ron there at the birth of Shelby and Ronald and signed paternal papers at the time. wasn't there a DNA test performed many years back when she went on welfare proving paternity of Ron as the biological father??  He had to pay to have the test taken so that she could collect child support from him.

 So "needy" to create a fictitious family of her own creation that she can't/won't or isn't able to recognize their "true" biological father. Jodi puts assertions/accusations out there but won't take responsibility for what she says by attaching her name to her assertions on her blogger site.  What integrity and credibility is there with that? 

Then there's even more...Jodi also had Ron's name removed from his children's birth certificates and Donald's name inserted in his place. Aren't birth certificates suppose to be proof of a live birth, parentage and actually what transpired at the time of birth? That was always my understanding and what I was taught in nursing school, 30+ years ago. I guess not any more. So what is the point of having a certificate of live birth if it can be changed after the fact? It is not an accurate representation of what actually occurred at the time of birth. Well, it is another theft of their "true" identity. They may have done it "legally". Through the court system. Is what they did morally and ethically correct? Is it right? So, now-a-days if you have the money, a lawyer and know what laws to use, you can buy most anything you want. Even, a child's name, identity and a new birth certificate. I call it "legal kidnapping". What happens when Shelby and Ronald get older, have children of their own? What happens when health issues and genetic lineage questions arise such as the fact that Jodi has the  incurable genetic condition Alpha One from which she is dieing? Do Jodi and Donald really have a clear understanding of what they have stolen from Shelby, Ronald and their future children? I doubt it. Otherwise any rational person knows what they did was clearly wrong and would never have done it. A mistake. A violation of Shelby, Ronald and Ron's family lineage, heritage....their legacy. It was identity theft....perpetrated by someone they loved and trusted. Their own mother. So, so sad. So, so heartbreaking.  It is child abuse
and "The Ultimate Hate Crime". Jodi and Donald are accountable for what they've done to Ron, Shelby, Ronald and their future children.
They owe the three of them an apology and need to make amends for the madness, pain and suffering they have caused....Shame on you Jodi and Donald. Yes, I'm an advocate for Ron and his children. Yes, I'm angry because of what you stole from them.   Using the pretense that it was done "legally" doesn't mean it was the right thing to do. Just because something is "legal" doesn't mean it is morally or ethically "right". I call it "Legal Kidnapping".

This is Shelby's current birth certificate. It is not the original.
She was born Shelby Sue Cornett with Ronald Cornett as the biological father, along with the paternity papers Ron signed at her birth....not Griffing.  Donald wasn't there.  He didn't even know Jodi, Shelby or Ron at the time of her birth.  The same goes for Ron's son, Ronald Daniel.

Here is a video I made that I dedicated to Jodi as she comes to terms with the "madness" of the situation she has created for herself before she dies....for we are not giving up on Ron's children or going away as Jodi wishes.  We are here to state "The Other Side of the Story"-"Ron's Story" until his children whom he loves and misses very much are recovered and  reunited with their real "biological" father.