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Stalking and False Victimization Syndrome

It is time once again to re-post this update on my previous posts on this topic: As you read on take a special note of section discussing "projective identification"..where a stalker claims to be a victim of stalking.

I find it rather sad that some people are such perpetual victim's.

Once again, the mother of Ron's children is claiming that Ron and I are STALKING and HARASSING her and his own children. Yeah, right. Talk about PARANOIA....and out there. She has admitted to instilling this abusive and hateful fear mongering rhetoric into her own children when you read her posts. So sad. So sick. So "mentally ill". When she is the one who initiated contact first, this past March-2010, with phone calls in the middle of the night followed by emails, fake profiles and vitriolic websites. Hacking into my Facebook email accounts and emailing inaccurate information to 100 of my friends and family. Oh yeah and that we've been stalking her for 10 years. Okay then, if so, PROVE IT. News to me. In 2006 and 2007, Ron was commercial fishing. We were traveling extensively on the East Coast and to the Midwest, plus providing hospice care to my Dad while he was dieing in Minnesota. We were away from our home in Maine for 7 months that year. No where near Oklahoma back then. Who had the time or the inclination to stalk her?? Once again, she's putting stuff out there with NO PROOF to back it up. Only more, Confabulation. I try hard not to be condescending, sarcastic and rude, because she is the mother of Ron's children. This past spring of 2014 we did drive to Guymon, Oklahoma where Ron could see where his children were taken some 19 years ago when they were abducted. We spent the day in the court house and police station talking police officer Dolan Sedge getting advice on how to proceed in Ron getting the truth to his children with the assist of law enforcement.

Ron loves his children very much and would never do anything intentionally to put them in harms way. That is all his ex's creation because of her own paranoia, delusions and fear mongering rhetoric that she uses to abuse her own children with because of her obsession with Ron and myself and her narcissistic need to alienate us from his she makes up stories. They are and always will be his children and there is nothing she can do to change the fact of it. We/Ron and I, have both put up information on our web pages and made videos in our attempt to reconnect with them as they mature and come to an understanding of their abduction. We will NEVER give up on this or quit in our attempts to contact them until they are recovered and reunited with their father, Ron. We will always be here for them as their parents which is our prerogative. That however, does not make us mentally ill stalkers, predators or pedophiles because we have a vested interest in the safety and well being of his children and grand children. We have NEVER and WOULD NEVER malevolently "STALK" them or anyone else. If Shelby and Ronald are unhappy, feeling threatened or harmed by anything Ron and I have done or are doing we encourage them to have the tenacity on their own to call us and let us know. 1-207-868-3490. Any lack of contact on their part will be considered as their consent until they inform us themselves, otherwise and we discuss it and resolve it rationally. To this day Ron's children have not contacted me credibly as themselves in a mature manner to discuss any of this. Not withstanding the fake aliases, that are not credible IMO. Neither are the sarcastic comments left on my FB pages. That only shows their immaturity, lack of being taught proper respect of their elders/parents. This kind of behavior is not that of someone wanting to resolve a complex situation as an adult. Furthermore, any information received from Jodi is not taken seriously at all and will not be considered as valid in making any decision relating to us and Ron's children, grandchildren. If she can show proof otherwise then we will reconsider her opinion. Until then, it is da..capoot, you get my drift?? We only want to reconnect with Shelby and Ronald. Not her. We do not care about her; her delusional fantasies or what she has to say. She has had ample time and opportunity to communicate with us in a credible manner, as a mature and responsible adult and has chosen no to. So go away, leave us alone. Quit stalking and harassing us because she doesn't like what we say and our perspective pertaining to herself, Donald, Shelby, Ronald, Korah or Lucas. She has had many, many uncontested years of flapping her jaws and spouting her nasty spew to anyone who would listen to her malicious fabrications. Not any more. The other side of the story-"Ron's Story" will be told over and over again...loudly and clearly. Shelby is now 23 and Ronald 21; and their minor children Korah, 4 years old and Lucas, 2 years old. Both are adults capable of making their own decisions.

Years ago Jodi said that she turned us into the Aroostook County Sheriff for our web pages because we were threatening and harassing her. When she is the one that is going there on her own to look at them. Since when is it harassment to invoke a person's 1st Amendment Right called Freedom of Speech? Since when is it harassment to have a different point of view and opinion other then your own? Do I need to pull out a "Get A Clue Card" here..again? I guess so. Well, evidently, the Sheriff's office didn't take her too seriously since we never even got a phone call from them. Plus, when either of us take down a photo or web page it has nothing to do with trying to look "innocent". It has to do with the fact that whatever the picture or web page was there for has served its purpose. Neither, Ron nor myself have done anything to be guilty about, you.....sick and twisted woman. No matter how hard you try to make us or find us "guilty" of just isn't happening. Just like when Jodi called Montana repeatedly trying to get Ron into trouble for stealing his own car. Give it up...already. We are not the big bad boogy man, creeps, mentally ill escapees, perverted drug addicted drunks, predators, pedophiles, stalkers, extortionists and murderers she's trying to make us out to be...stalking, abusing and harming children. Just because she says it, in her delusional fantasy doesn't make it so. It is only the creation of her "sick and demented" mind. Those who choose to support and believe her fantasies will only get what they are naive enough to believe, from a ...liar. Get over the paranoia and get on with life in the real adult world. All Ron wants, is to have a relationship with his adult children and grand children. To share with them his side of their story pertaining to their abduction and alienation from them. Not her. Which she doesn't seem to get. Her, repeatedly putting these unfounded obstacles in his way is not only immature on her part (grow up-already), but easily documentable of Parental Alienation and child abuse of a mentally ill person.

False Victimization Syndrome occurs when an individual attempts to convince others that he or she is being stalked through the invention of claims made to re-establish a failing relationship and/or gain attention (Zona, Palarea, and Lane, 1998).

Individuals who exhibit these characteristics may also fit the criteria for histrionic personality disorder (DSM-IV, 1994): demanding to be the center of attention, shallow expression of emotions which shift rapidly, and speaks in a manner that is overly impressionistic and lacking in detail.

* This is not to be confused with situations where a stalker claims to be a victim of stalking. Oddly, sometimes a stalker will feel victimized by the person he or she is stalking. This is referred to as projective identification. In other words, the stalker's rage at being rejected (and other unconsciously disowned stalking-related attributes) is "projected" or "put" into the true victim, so that the true victim is now perceived by the stalker to have this rage (attributes/behaviors) and directing it back, hence stalking the stalker.

* A notable problem with the False Victimization Syndrome (FVS) is that it wastes valuable resources. More importantly, FVS is rare and the few cases that do occur should not undermine the reporting and investigation of legitimate stalking cases.

* A conceptual model that categorizes false allegations was developed by Mohandie, Hatcher, and Raymond (1998). Three types of false victimization syndromes are delineated.

1. a. Hysterical paralysis: An example of this would be converting a psychological distress into physiological problems. There are often secondary gains to having a paralyzed limb, such as not having to participate in a stressful or frightening event.

b. Munchhausen: An individual intentionally creates or feigns physical or psychological symptoms in order to assume the sick role.

c. Munchhausen by proxy: The intentionally produced or feigned physical or psychological symptoms in another person, such as a child, under one's care and indirectly assuming the sick role.

2. Known perpetrator:

a. Single event

b. Multiple event (stalking):

3. Unknown perpetrator:

a. Single event:

b. Multiple event (stalking)

The last two categories are similar, save the obvious difference that one involves claiming to have known the perpetrator and the other involves stating that the perpetrator is unknown. Also, these last two types entail more complex motivations and sophistication of procedures by the false victim than the other types (1a, 1b, and 1c).

The characteristics that classify FVS type 2 and 3 similarly are

* multiple situations over time when the victim has been alone with no witnesses and is approached by the suspect;

* major incidents begin as noncriminal contact, but then advance quickly to criminal contact;

* the victim reports these criminal contacts based on what has been learned from the media or someone known to the false victim who has reported these occurrences;

* and claiming to have received injuries, letters, phone calls, threats, followed, or chased.

Given the fact that authorities will be assessing the veracity of stalking victims' claims, having a written documentation of events, saved evidence, and available witnesses makes gaining support and assistance less problematic.

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