Saturday, October 27, 2012

Order for Protection from Harassment from Jodi Rae Ross Griffing


Ron found it necessary to go to court and request a restraining order for protection from harassment against  the mother of his children, Jodi Rae Ross Griffing, a vengeful and vindictive obsessed alienator with a vendetta towards us for sharing the "truth" about her and her lover's (Donald Griffing) abduction of Ron's children. Truly a sad day.  Our testimony in court and the restraining order says it all. The judge offered for both parties to settle for a judgement without findings.  But, no she wouldn't agree to that so the judge made the restraining order with findings that Ron has been harassed by Jodi.  Even after she had testified that she had NEVER contacted us.  Now, is that a lie or not?  She knows it is and she knows what she has did the Judge.  He was looking directly at Ron and myself, when the gavel came down, the order decreed and justice was served.  As I've said before; Justice will be is only a matter of time.

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